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Libya to take part in African Fencing Championship

Libyan Fencing Federation (LFF) is to participate in the African Fencing Championship in Egypt next month represented by fencer, Khalifa Abu Hadima, who is doing all-out intensive preparations in France for the event trained by his French coach Mi

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Libyan youth set their constitutional demands

Representatives of the Libyan youth from all regions of the country launched a campaign to advocate for their Constitutional Demands.

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SG bans importation of specific goods

The Ministry of Economy in the Salvation Government has slapped an embargo on importing several kinds of commodities for six months from now.

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Tunisian IS fighter explodes himself after police chase

A Tunisian blew himself up with a grenade following a police chase in Tripoli's Tajoura district on Sunday.

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Walad Suleiman tribe disowns criminals, Fatwa House hails decision

Walad Suleiman, a major southern Libyan tribe, has decided to disown anyone from the tribe once they commit a crime, urging the tribesmen to renounce violence being the main cause of Libya’s instability.

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Messahel reiterates Algeria's position on Libya crisis

The Algerian Minister of African and Maghreb Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, has indicated from Algiers today that ensuring the stability in Libya entails the security of both Algeria and Tunisia.

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Turkey denies Tobruk government claims

Turkey has denied news about the ship attacked in Libya being loaded with weapons taken to Derna.

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