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Challenges looming the newly elected government of Libya

A turbulent period ascends over the Government of National Unity (GNU) of Libya.

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Issue 46, Week 47

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Lest we forget

When the 17th February revolution first began, I was living in the United Kingdom with my ex-husband and kids, they were mostly grown, some married and some preparing for getting married.

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17 February, 2021 success or failure

Flags waving, faces beaming, children raised on shoulders, shouts of “Allahu Akbar!!!!!”, dancing, hugging; the hugs crammed with unadulterated love, without really understanding how could it feel so deep, so pure.

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Issue 45, Week 46

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Libya's new interim government pressed hard to deliver national elections

Acting head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and career U.S.

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What are the differences between the Turkish and the Russian intervention in Libya?

It is customary for the European Union, the US administration, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and most of the international community to equate the Russian intervention with the Turkish intervention in Libya, and so

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