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Enhancing Libyan-Indonesian and International Artists Dialog on Transcendental Esthétique Calligraphe Art

Ramadhan always gives special moment for peoples to understand the content of Al Qur'an, as the bestow and Rahmah from Al Khalik to the world.  This understanding has developed many sophisticated products through studying,

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Indonesia Creative Economic Center of Excellences/G-CINC for the World and Opportunity in Enhancing Indonesian-Libya Cooperation

It is happy moment to see the first ink being taken to begin new cooperation to pursue the need of community enhancing their knowledge and capacity in making such products.

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Indonesian Embassy hosts Libyan private media

The Indonesian Embassy in Tripoli has hosted a meeting with representatives of some Libyan private media to bridge contact with private Indonesian media.

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Sharing Information on Indonesian Fishing Technology for Libyan Fishing Shipping Operator and Fishermen

To begin a new effort in reviving the spirit and action to improve  the economic, social and environment condition in the accredited country due to unprecedented impacts of pandemic covid 19, in the first quarter of 2022 (

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Libya opens a center for Arab migrants

Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has inaugurated a center to accommodate Arab migrants in Tripoli, most of them have been caught at sea while attempting to reach EU shores.

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US calls for calm as Bashagha challenges Libyan premier Dbeibah

The United States has called Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and his rival Fathi Bashagha for calm and de-escalation, as the latter alleges that he would enter Tripoli and take power from Dbeibah.

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Williams continues meetings with Libyan stakeholders to rally support for her election initiative

The UN Secretary-General's Special Adviser on Libya Stephanie Williams has briefed the head of the Presidential Council Mohamed Al-Menfi about her initiative to hold the elections.

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