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Empowering Agents of Development for Preparing Basic Need Utilities

Since decades world has faced many challenges. Today world is introduced again with the word of New Normal. This term is appeared following unprecedented even that may be caused by unnatural disasters.

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New zero-hour attack by Haftar’s militia groups failed

Warlord Khalifa Haftar’s militia groups, backed by Wagner and Sudanese mercenaries, launched an all-out attack in Mashrou and Yarmouk frontlines in southern Tripoli on Saturday night, but it ended in failure.

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Issue 8, Week 9

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Saleh says his phone call with Norland was “misinterpreted”

Speaker of east Libya-based House of Representatives, Aqailah Saleh, has declared that his phon

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Print Edition, Issue 7, Week 8

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Coronavirus: Stay outside, I will stay at home

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After their military losses in Tripoli, Libya’s eastern players come up with new tactics

Warlord Khalifa Haftar and the speaker of House of Representatives, Aqailah Saleh, have both introduced two contradictory plans to save their defeat in western Libya.

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