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Issue 31, Week 32

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Behind the United Nations registration of Turkish-Libyan Agreement

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres ratified at the end of last month (September), the memorandum of understanding signed nine months ago (last November), between Turkey and Libya, regarding delineating

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Issue 30, Week 31

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A birth of crescent oil region

Operation Dignity and its supported countries did not win the conflict, but it managed to divide the leaders of the western region, and the leaders became scattered.

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Will Haftar resign?

When the project is a Homeland, we should open the auction with the highest threshold.

Al-Sarraj has not said that, but he opened the way of the Homeland with a wide area of ​​concession.

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Libya’s rivals sign ceasefire agreement in Geneva

The two Libyan delegations to the 5+5 Joint Military Commission signed Friday a permanent ceasefire agreement following weeks of talks in Geneva, brokered by UN mission in Libya UNSMIL.

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Issue 29, Week 30

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