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Nalut town deplores Egyptian intervention in Libya

The Municipal, Military and Shura Council, in addition to the Union of Civil Society Organizations of Nalut, western Libya, have condemned the constant bombardment of civilians and residential districts by the Egyptian military

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Armed group attacks fuel trucks south of Sirte

An armed group attacked fuel trucks belonging to the Arab Association for Oil Transport in Bay valley, southwest of Sirte, while on their way to the oil depots in Sabha, the Fuel and Gas Crisis Committee (FAGCC) said on its Fac

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Get to know The University of Mohamed al- Senussi

The University of Mohamed al- Senussi is one of the most ancient, prestigious and popular universities in the Arab world.

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Libyan Costume: The Jard

The Jard or “Holy” is a traditional Libyan costume for men, the simplest item of clothing possible.

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It’s summer in Libya, the season of scorpions

The Ministry of Health has sent 300 doses of anti-scorpion sera for the oasis town of Ubari, southwestern Libya, as summer begins and scorpions become more prevalent in the southern region.

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Libyan Cuisine: Mubattan

This recipe is one of the top-rated comforting classics in Libyan cuisine and it's sure to be appreciated by all food lovers.

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Libya rejects UNESCO’s decision to place five sites on endangered list

The General Tourism Authority (GTA) has criticized the decision of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to place five archaeological sites in Libya on the endangered world heritage list.

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