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Italy welcomes Libyan Government’s willingness to accept a humanitarian truce over COVID-19 concerns

The Italian Embassy in Tripoli has welcomed the willingness of the Government of National Accord to observe a humanitarian truce in Tripoli in order to address the challenge of the coronavirus epidemic.

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National Center for Disease Control: Chinese goods are safe

The director of the National Center for Disease Control, Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar, has assured citizens that the Chinese goods imported into Libya are safe and don’t pose a threat to the public's health due to the outbreak of

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Libya has 2.3 million state workers

The total number of government employees registered in the database according to the national ID number has reached 2,300,179 until December 2019, the Information and Documentation Center of the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilita

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UN Security Council votes for a lasting ceasefire in Libya

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on Wednesday calling for a lasting ceasefire without preconditions in Libya.

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Turkish parliamentary committee approves security and military agreement with Libya

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament approved on Monday the memorandum of understanding signed last month between Libya and Turkey on security and military cooperation.

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Libya, Turkey ink MoUs on security and maritime cooperation

Libya and Turkey signed on Wednesday two memorandums of understanding on security and maritime cooperation.

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Two Sudanese women murdered, others missing in Libya’s chaotic city of Benghazi

Two women from Sudan have been abducted and then murdered by an armed group in Benghazi, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry confirmed.

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