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Abu Salim mayor slams Libya Channel as poised on kindling violence in Tripoli

The mayor of Abu Salim municipality in Tripoli, Abdelrahman Al-Hamdi, has slammed Libyan Channel’s stance and “far-fetched” coverage of the Thursday-Friday clashes that took place in the district.

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HoR Speaker slams Libyan Political Agreement as "big lie"

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aqilah Saleh, has described those who partook in the Skhirat-held political dialogue as non-representative of Libya.

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Eastern military governor bans Libyan men and women from traveling without security permit

The Libyan eastern military governor, Abdulraziq Al-Nathori, has issued a new controversial order banning Libyan men and women, between the ages of 18 and 45, from traveling abroad without obtaining a prior security permit from

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Ganfouda siege, forced starvation by Dignity Operation forces condemned locally and internationally

The Arab Maghreb Scholars Association (AMSA) has condemned the crippling siege laid by the Dignity Operation forces on families trapped in Ganfouda, western Benghazi.

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Tamazight declared official language in Amazigh-peopled districts

The Libyan Amazigh High Council (LAHC) has declared the Amazigh (Berber or Tamazight) language as an official language in the cities and districts inhabited by the Amazigh in Libya.

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