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5 hours 55 min ago
ربي يحفظ الجيش الليبي🤲. يارب دمر اردوغان والخوارج 🤲
6 hours 17 min ago
Is this thug trying to add some value to his collapsing status of a strong man by comparing the capacit…
6 hours 41 min ago
It won't take us 10 minutes to beat Hafter 🇹🇷
6 hours 45 min ago
Haftar offensive causes destruction in south
7 hours 22 min ago
Mahalabia, a Libyan milk pudding
7 hours 32 min ago
he choosed the wrong country to mess with
7 hours 41 min ago
7 hours 54 min ago
If it happened Haftar would have been burned
7 hours 55 min ago
As part of their systematic propaganda, warlord Haftar’s media outlets claim that their army had “destroyed” a Turk…
8 hours 25 min ago
A military cargo plane arrived at Bani Walid Airport on Monday to evacuate the remaining Wagner mercenaries after t…
8 hours 35 min ago
🤣🤣🤣Hungry chicken dreams own in a corn warehouse
8 hours 38 min ago
He forget putting a red ball on his nose 😂😂😂
8 hours 39 min ago
This guy’s speechs must be broadcasted in Netflix comedy series 😂😂😂😂😂
8 hours 40 min ago