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Tripoli-based HoR: Haftar prevents access of medical aid to areas under their power
1 hour 3 min ago
you are completely right, indeed Di Maio and Italy were against Irini...but someone convinced them to change (Eurobond ?)
1 hour 18 min ago
fine, but what is doing Nato for stopping arm supplies to warlord Haftar via land and plane ???
1 hour 24 min ago
’s High Council of State accuses the European Union of double standards after launching Operation IRINI to mo…
1 hour 33 min ago
Algeria ?
2 hours 17 min ago
ضرب الأوغاد Hafter أيضا المساجد ، الجحيم بالنسبة لك. لعنة الله عليك.
2 hours 43 min ago
Your solders have been victms whene you get hit from Hfter forces
2 hours 44 min ago
Where is Algeria?
2 hours 55 min ago
75 million dinars allocated to Libyan municipalities to confront pandemic
3 hours 3 min ago
May Allah swt protect Libyan from the evil Haftar's army. Ameen.
3 hours 10 min ago
Attacks on civilians in Tripoli continue as receives more support from -
3 hours 59 min ago
he is a criminal bombing the Lybian People
4 hours 20 sec ago
😢😢 Curse upon all those who are killing to innocent Libyan
4 hours 1 min ago
Attacks on civilians in continue as Haftar receives more support from
4 hours 4 min ago
Rockets of warlord Haftar’s armed groups rain down on the residential areas adjacent to Mitiga Airport in
4 hours 5 min ago