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National Anti-Corruption Commission tracks 7,000 cases of double employment
1 hour 28 min ago
: due to hold talks with on Libyan issue. German FM said Berlin is interested in holding tal…
2 hours 15 min ago
due to hold talks with on the Libyan issue
2 hours 28 min ago
Dollar exchange rate, Tuesday, August 11, 2020 $1🇺🇸 = LYD 6.10🇱🇾
2 hours 55 min ago
Shipment of analysis kits arrives at Misrata from
3 hours 28 min ago
MMRA announces return of water distribution network after reconnection of electricity
4 hours 28 min ago
The number of infections in has risen to 5926, with 5080 active cases, after the registration of 38…
4 hours 46 min ago
Three European countries preparing a list of sanctions against Libyan arms embargo violators
5 hours 28 min ago
's Interior Minister: There should be "right basis" for democracy
6 hours 28 min ago
Al-Kabir, Bashagha sign anti-corruption and money laundering agreement
7 hours 28 min ago
Body of disappeared pro-Haftar military official found in Benghazi
8 hours 28 min ago
Najjar: Coronavirus pandemic is sweeping through Tripoli, Misrata and the south
9 hours 28 min ago
Covid-19 testing kits arrive in Tripoli
12 hours 28 min ago
How do the people of Libya, the political actors, the warlords feel now that the USA/EU also known as N…
13 hours 14 min ago
Parliament reviews ‘money laundering and terrorist financing’ law
13 hours 28 min ago