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Yes because of GNA's anti air weapons. After GNA that weapons destroyed, they will became effe…
12 hours 51 min ago
Same stories of revenge between men focusing on the weaker gender ie women being the easie…
12 hours 55 min ago
condemns killing of 30 immigrants in , urges for swift justice
13 hours 18 min ago
has provided Haftar with aircraft from , report says
14 hours 18 min ago
Victims Organization for Human Rights demands the immediate release of three sisters abducted by warlord Haftar’s K…
14 hours 25 min ago
هم سوريين من الجيش الحر مش ارهابيين ولاحاجه. في 2012 ساعدنا السوريين والان هم يساعدونا مافيش مشكلة.
14 hours 31 min ago
prenez exemple sur l’ svp et arrêtez de soutenir les milices du criminel en .
15 hours 11 min ago