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Haftar's forces strike Al-Khadra Hospital for the third time in a week
1 hour 11 min ago
Haftar wants to rule by bloodshed, GNA military official says
2 hours 11 min ago
UNDP continues supporting all Libyans and strengthening the UN Libya Coronavirus Response
4 hours 11 min ago
Loquat is not in my country Indonesia
4 hours 33 min ago
They not sudanese , i guess they’re Taboo men from chad or Niger
4 hours 57 min ago
NOC supplies third shipment of medical Covid-19 aid
5 hours 11 min ago
очень даже странно, что уважаемый Хафтар не уничтожил эти больницы. По всей видимости ему теперь выпишу…
6 hours 8 min ago
Ministry of Health says it delivered coronavirus supplies to Ghadames
6 hours 11 min ago
May Allah swt protect Libyan people from the evil Thugs army
6 hours 16 min ago
Stop this crime at once Haftar!!!
6 hours 20 min ago
Haftar's militias target field hospital in Tajoura
7 hours 11 min ago
No body is safe
7 hours 57 min ago
National Center for Disease Control: New seven Covid-19 cases recovered, count now at eight
8 hours 11 min ago
Ohhh ok Thank you
8 hours 18 min ago
Idk maybe Mali or Chad. Then again I barely know anything about the different dialects in that region.
8 hours 24 min ago