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Good job. I would like to see drone strike on the lna envos of the Toyotas.😂😁🤣
9 hours 58 min ago
Libyan Air Force destroys cargo plane for Haftar's forces in Tarhouna airstrip
10 hours 4 min ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: EU's Operation IRINI should commit to international law
10 hours 54 min ago
Libyan Airforce under GNA destroys a military cargo plane carrying weapons and ammunition for warlord Haftar’s arme…
11 hours 43 min ago
Red Cross: Landmines are still a risk in
13 hours 4 min ago
May he rest in peace. One of the better post Gaddafi PM.
13 hours 13 min ago
Health Ministry allocates medical complex at Zawiat Al-Dahmani to receive suspected Covid-19 cases
14 hours 4 min ago
I hope so and I do believe it's us who should strive to do so
14 hours 35 min ago
Allah Almighty will stop them !
14 hours 44 min ago
I was right there! So horrible horrifying and scary to hear the missile hits..
14 hours 51 min ago
It's a big hit for them. It takes away a lot of foreign money support but, they will continue.
14 hours 54 min ago
The people he had ties with are no longer capable of continuing his corruptive measures !
15 hours 1 min ago
Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests stranded Libyans to submit their details on its website
15 hours 4 min ago
KARMA get rekt ya traitors
15 hours 6 min ago
Methinks, his death is a big example even though, what's gonna happen to him after deat…
15 hours 6 min ago