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Loss of revenues due to Libyan oil closure exceed $7.8 billion
1 hour 13 min ago
Latest update of the Coronavirus in Libya – August 04
1 hour 40 min ago
in just one week from 27 July to 3 August . both Libya & Tunisia
2 hours 3 min ago
330 immigrants returned to from the Mediterranean
2 hours 13 min ago
How do you defend the indefensible?!
2 hours 31 min ago
I'm sorry but this is typical of Libyan attitude.
3 hours 17 sec ago
Biotechnology Research Center denies shortage of COVID19 test devices
3 hours 13 min ago
Ya Allah
3 hours 58 min ago
Libyan Tubu tribespeople call for bringing Haftar to justice for crimes in Murzuq
4 hours 13 min ago
Haftar hires US-based law firm to represent him for lawsuits of war crimes filed in Virginia
5 hours 13 min ago
A mass fire broke out at International Airport last night, causing heavy damage to the departure lounge o…
7 hours 4 min ago
Fire breaks out at Misurata Airport, no casualties reported
7 hours 13 min ago
Hay al-Andalus mayor: Coronavirus is raging out of control
8 hours 13 min ago
One approach to activate people’s economy; sharing Indonesia’s experience to mark its 75th Independence Day
9 hours 13 min ago
Advertising campaigns for candidates in Misrata elections suspended
10 hours 13 min ago