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And that fake maritime agreement haha,I was waiting something like that from the Turks. Its…
19 hours 19 min ago
Haftar is a patriot who won't let lybia in the hands of Muslim Brotherhoo…
19 hours 30 min ago
That’s is internal Libyan affairs, of which non of your business.
19 hours 42 min ago
Did Libyan HOR gave the authority to Saraze or Dbeibah to make such a dea…
19 hours 45 min ago
We are not part of UNCLOS, it is not biding to Libya, we will continue with…
19 hours 47 min ago
Franceinfo: Mercenaries' presence in worries African neighbors
19 hours 48 min ago
But where is Libyan HoR ? Did Dbeibah has that authority to continue the fake memorandum of Turkish-Sa…
19 hours 54 min ago
Doğru adımlar değil BUNLAR BILESINIZ
20 hours 24 min ago
If there is no safety of life, who will make an economic investment!? If Turkey leave…
20 hours 39 min ago
Economy Ministry considers reopening Benghazi International Fair
20 hours 48 min ago
The turkish Team is in egypt now,,,,!! The next agreement is fix soon.....!! Come to P…
21 hours 41 min ago
Because Libya has close ties with Italy...
21 hours 41 min ago
Libyan PM: We are not coordinating with Haftar in Benghazi
21 hours 48 min ago
LNA never sent a representative, in which case the credentials committee…
22 hours 12 min ago
22 hours 13 min ago