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Following pressure and for the first time since assuming office, foreign ministry Najla Mangoush calls for the remo…
13 hours 51 min ago
Al-Ahly defeats Al-Naser 3-1 in Benghazi Derby
14 hours 3 min ago
Nice 👍 work but unfortunately when you go there and see under the tower you get very sorry 😣 it’s not c…
14 hours 34 min ago
Al-Koni meets with military leaders in the southern region
15 hours 3 min ago
Dollar exchange rate, Sunday, May 09, 2021 Bank: $1🇺🇸 = LYD 4.4743🇱🇾 Parallel market: $1🇺🇸 = LYD 5.12🇱🇾…
15 hours 9 min ago
Clock Tower برج الساعة -
15 hours 19 min ago
Di Maio: Firing over the heads of Italian boats is unacceptable
16 hours 3 min ago
The first phase of the reconstruction of Tripoli International Airport is due to begin after Eid Al-Fitr by clearin…
16 hours 43 min ago
UN: Over half a million individuals in in need of mine-related assistance
17 hours 3 min ago
Be nice if the Libyan political elite stopped stealing long enough to build a couple power plants......
17 hours 11 min ago
The rolling blackout is scheduled to last 3 hours in eastern Libya on Sunday with no blackout in the western and so…
17 hours 13 min ago
The number of infections in has risen to 179970 with 10560 active cases, after the registration of…
17 hours 23 min ago
Evil men
17 hours 43 min ago
Libyan PM strongly condemns attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli occupiers
18 hours 3 min ago