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Mufti of blesses efforts of reconciliation; deplores calls for war
3 hours 59 min ago
Illegal rescued off Garabulli for second day running
4 hours 3 min ago
-n companies wish to return to
4 hours 7 min ago
Rally destination set for Waddan
4 hours 12 min ago
Libyan Cycling Championship due to begin in November
4 hours 14 min ago
Maiteeq holds meeting with official
4 hours 26 min ago
Libyan Airlines cancels Tunisia flights after plane hit by bullets at Mitiga Airport
4 hours 31 min ago
Horrifying accident kills bus driver and causes dangerous fire
4 hours 44 min ago
Failure of Tobruk Electricity Plant has a direct impact on local medical center
4 hours 51 min ago
Wish a way it could have been solar powered as well
5 hours 32 min ago
RT : Airbus A330-202 operated by Libyan Airlines was hit with gunshots during the two-day clashes around Mitiga Airport
8 hours 21 min ago
RT : Amb of the to Eric Strating arrives in Tripoli 2 announce reopening of his country’s embassy, D…
8 hours 21 min ago
Fourth turbine of Ubari gas-fired power plant was operated successfully today and will be connected to the electric…
8 hours 23 min ago
UN envoy to Libya tries to attract negotiators in Tunisia with new ideas
19 hours 51 min ago
Armed robbery at Benghazi restaurant kills Egyptian worker
19 hours 51 min ago