Libyana mobile phone operator to build new soccer stadium in Tripoli

Libyana mobile phone operator to build new soccer stadium in Tripoli

February 04, 2019 - 19:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Chairman of the Sports and Youths Authority in Libya, Bashir Al-Gantari, has revealed that Libyana - one of two top Libyan mobile phone operators in Libya - is going to build a soccer stadium in Tripoli.

Speaking on TV on Friday, Al-Gantari said Libyana said it would build the stadium in nine months either on Tareeq Al-Matar or Tajoura districts, saying it would accommodate about 25.000 fans.

"Our Authority has been carrying out servicing campaigns in different stadiums in Libya. It has finished servicing Tripoli Stadium and is doing the same at Benina Stadium in Benghazi, where final phases are being finalized after the turf has been replaced with sixth generation one." Al-Gantari added.

He also said that similar actions will be done in stadiums in Ajdabiya, Sirte, Al-Zawiya, Janzour Academy, and Sorman, adding that they will all be subject to appliance of artificial turf.

"Talks underway with companies tasked with servicing Benghazi International Stadium and Al-Naher Stadium in Tripoli, which have been closed since 2011." He added.

After servicing, Tripoli Stadium hosted Saturday the first match in about a year after the latest damages it had suffered when Al-Ahli Tripoli fans sabotaged it last year.

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