Al-Itihad wins Tripoli’s derby against Al-Ahli 2-0

Al-Itihad wins Tripoli’s derby against Al-Ahli 2-0

October 27, 2016 - 19:49
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Al-Itihad has won the derby match of the capital against Al-Ahli 2-0 in the match that was held at Tripoli stadium.

The match came after days of dispute between Al-Itihad and Al-Ahli as the former was keen on having foreign referees.

The dispute held the fans of both teams on tenterhooks, as they feared the derby match would be called off, however; after prolongation over the issue by the Libyan Football Federation, which was denied any foreign referees by the EU Football Federations, the match was played on Thursday in Tripoli with Libyan referees.

Despite the fact that the match results would not affect Al-Ahli, which has already made it to the final round of the Libyan Soccer League, because Al-Itihad had already been eliminated, the derby have had its special aroma for the fans.

The first goal for Al-Itihad was scored at the second minute of the first half by Mutasem Al-Musrati, and then the second goal followed at the minute 31 by Ahmed Al-Zuwai so that the whole match locked off with this result with desperate attempts by Al-Ahli to score or tie the result over the second half, knowing that Al-Itihad players had many chances to double up the score.

The five-team final round of the Libyan Soccer League will kick off Friday with Al-Madina vs Al-Naser match in Tripoli.