Empowering Deaf and Mute and Special Needs Persons, Sharing Indonesian Best Practices

Empowering Deaf and Mute and Special Needs Persons, Sharing Indonesian Best Practices

May 29, 2021 - 14:58
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By Mohammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli - Libya

This is an honor for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to be part of the activity of empowering for the Mute and Deaf or Special Need Persons in Libya. This attitude is reflected to the invitation of Libyan teacher who lives in Zliten-Libya and who has its own deaf and mute students to be taught in basic knowledge of understanding Holy Qurán and in other daily activities such as playing together and inviting their skill to be actively used in their daily activities in Zliten.

Depart from this situation, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia tries to manage and communicate with other related institutions in Indonesia which at least has the same activities in order to give more opportunity for the mute and the deaf interacting with the society wisely.

The new opportunity has emerged when one of the private organization in Indonesia is called as Majelis Taklim Tuli Indonesia (Association of Learning for the Deaf and the Mute) open its hands to share its best practices to their brother from Libya and other countries also.  This organization has an experience in educating deaf and mute persons in knowing their hiding skill accordingly.

This year, this association has also an experience in assisting the Embassy along with Indonesia State Mosque “Istiqlal”, Centre for Training and Education  work together in publishing the Electronic Masdar (Simple steps for the Deaf and the Mute to understand one of the element in the grammar of Arabic language from Qurán verses). 

This become the first step in the field of handicapped issues that the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia share with the Libyan counterpart. In this regards, Indonesian related association is kindly open to share its best practice to Libyan stakeholders and to discuss wider opportunity for other technical stakeholders to work hand in hand in empowering the Deaf and the Mute communities within our society.

One recent activity is happened when the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with Zliten Teachers, Brother Younus and the administrative office of the Islamic Call College of Tripoli,  Brother Mostapha Azzouz happened to meet in virtual and offline ways. These two personalities actively and intentionally  introduced the Embassy  to the Libyan personality who has very active in managing and empowering the Libyan Mute and Deaf persons, namely the Mr. Khaled Al Ruqibi, the Chairman of the Paralympics Committee.  Under coordination with these two personalities, the Embassy has successfully organized fruitful discussion with the Chairman of the Paralympics of Libya. The Embassy has been enlightened with the issue of the Deaf and the Mute in Libya. Even though, it is still limited, it has opened the related stakeholder’s communication to pursue with other more prospective activities in the time ahead.

To have more practical way in starting and supporting this efforts, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli has facilitated Zoom Meeting between the Committee of Paralympics of Libya, the Group of Deaf and Mute in Zliten and the Committee of Majelis Taklim Tuli Indonesia (Indonesian Deaf and Mute Learning Centre/Association) to exchange their basic information and capacity on the issue of handling of the Mute and the Deaf.

It is quite encouraging that both association have given sincere explanation about the challenge and the opportunity in helping the government and its society in empowering the mute and the deaf communities in the country according their own capacity. It is undeniable that both association have its own dynamic perspective due to the current situation.  Under this circumstances, the association has shown noble efforts and gain appreciation in uplifting the level of knowledge and confidence among the deaf and the mute communities. Both have made the mute and the deaf become the integral part of active society. It is very touched movement that should not be ignored by all competences authorities.

During the Zoom interaction, this meeting has accommodated the direct online talks between the Indonesian Mute and Deaf and Libyan mute and deaf student with Isarah (specific skill for interpreting the communication amongst the deaf and the mute. This meeting has made them be able to communicate each other   and exchange their opinion on the issue of how to learn language of Qurán with the handful and helpful teachers. 

On this occasion, the Embassy has also spread the Electronic Publication concerning Electronic Masdar before the Zoom Class to be studied by Zliten students under the guidance of the Member of Majelis Taklim Tuli Indonesia ((Indonesian Deaf and Mute Learning Centre/Association).

The above interaction has shown a big enthusiasm among the stakeholders to pursue with deepening communication and interaction. Moreover, the present of Bro. Khaled Al Ruqibi, as the Chairman of the Paralympics Committee of Libya has broaden the scope of possible communication with other related institution in Libya. He said that at least there are 3 (three) big associations exist in Libya, namely in Tripoli, in Benghazi and in Sabha. All those are under private management. Meanwhile, the Libyan Government itself has given subsidy in certain extent to the related institution and association with the structural and functional assistances and approaches, under the authority and coordination of Social Ministry.

In this context, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia is open to bridge the communication with related institution in Indonesia to support the Mute and the Deaf in two approaches. First the Embassy is happy to bridge communication between the Ministry of Social in Libya or in Indonesia in order to have more accurate data regarding the Mute and the Deaf and its infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Embassy also welcomes and appreciates to support people to people contacts from the private societies in this regards as being shown by the MTTI and with the Zliten Deaf and Mute Class.

In these two scheme of interaction, it is hoped that the communication will be wider and cover many representative of the association from all Libya. Through this schemes both sides are hopefully being able to study the material that has been given by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli.  Along with this intended achievement, Libyan and Indonesian stakeholders will have more chance to invite their Deaf and the Mute Communities to be actively involved in exchanging their skill and capacity. Let us  wider chances for its member of its society to be integral part of our country development.

May Allah azza wa jalla the Almighty God direct us to the right path. Aaameen Ya Robbal Aaalameen.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer