Creating New Economic Activities For No One Left Behind

Creating New Economic Activities For No One Left Behind

October 21, 2019 - 10:20
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By Mohammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli - Libya

Recently, in the series of Libyan Businessmen and Technical Stakeholders visit to Indonesia for Trade Expo Indonesia 2019, held on October 16-20, 2019, there are many activities and programmes being done in promoting bilateral and peoples to people contacts between Libya and Indonesia. The visit reflects a strong commitment of both to create sustainable and beneficial cooperation for both peoples in guarding the world against artificial destruction.

Indonesia as an archipelagic and tropical forests countries is demanded to keep its environment with its sustainable development ways as being committed to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 for protecting not only for its peoples but also to the surrounding region or even to the world. Indonesia feels obliged to share its best practices and get transfer of technology to each other. Therefore in any measures of  International interaction, Indonesia always respects the way of sustainable development in order to get positive effects for its nations and peoples.   

During the visit of Libyan delegate and technical stakeholders to the above event, Libyan and Indonesia focus on the public aspects and products that creating a multi-effect of sustainable economic activities for both countries and peoples. Considering the complementary needs between two countries and peoples and also the third participation, Libyan and Indonesian keep their way to empowering the existing assets, including its natural and human resources.

Both countries are geographically located in different regions. But, the needs for both peoples seem beyond the geographical obstacles. It is proven since the era of independence of two countries, Libyan got their independence during 1950 and Indonesia during 1945, the Libyan and Indonesian and also other leaders from every continent of the world (Asia and Africa) sat together in defending their right to be independence and leash out from any  colonial acts that may be encroaching their unity from inside or outside. That event is strongly recorded in the journey of two countries relations until now. 

The closeness of the two countries (Libya and Indonesia) now to be enlarged in many aspects that encouraging two peoples interactions in trading and technical activities that may contribute to the creation of new sentra economic from the grassroots to the industrial ones that may give positive development of the two countries and peoples.

Libya is well-known as the oil exporters countries and also the biggest oil reserve in Africa is facing a challenging situation that may arise the new dimension and awareness of the related stakeholders to more contribute positively to the sustainable development goals. This situation also being faced by Indonesia with its 250 million populations. The sustainable development goals are becoming our effort to at least reduce the worse impacts of climate and temperature changes. 

The visit of Libyan trade and technical delegate to Indonesia performs the good wiling of both to think about the peoples of both countries in the field of environment protection and friendly products that once again in line with the existing asset and resources of both countries. Several programmes that were done that create possible and continued trading activities and give ample room for emerging interrelated and beneficial effect from the availability of raw material, technology, human resources and other management and services.

One of the best-related issues is how to avoid waste plastic become toxic to the environment meanwhile our existing asset is potential to create derivative products that attach to the public needs and use in their daily life. In this context, the World forum has been aware of the danger of impact of the plastics waste but seems the world could not avoid their life with this kind of products. Any countries give variant level of measures toward reducing their use toward plastics.

In the case of Indonesia, plastic waste almost reaches 14 % from the total of daily waste that amounts almost 8000 tonnages per day  (it is only the figure in Special Region of Jakarta City as the State Capital). Indonesia thinks and does hard and integrative to reduce this burden. There are many efforts involving interrelated sectors and stakeholders from individuals, groups, communities and industrial stakeholders to optimize their capabilities in recycling and forming the plastic raw material becoming reuse safely.

For Libya seems the same. As the Indonesian diplomat in Tripoli, I met some public figures and government officials discussing at a glance or deeply regarding this issue. Thank God, It seems both peoples feel the same and feel need to work together in line with our respective duties to support the protection of the environment from plastic waste and create interrelated economic activities that based on the existing assets of the two countries and peoples.

One example that has begun is the cooperation with the Libyan Education Institution, Kuliyatul Da’wah Islamiyah (KDI)  in Tripoli and with Environment and Sanitary Agency of the Special Region of Jakarta City under collaboration with Indonesian Creative Community living in Indonesia and Indonesian Student that still exist in this campus. The way of communication and cooperation that is promoted and done is through Digital and Virtual Communication and Conference to educate students living in the Kuliyatul Da’wah Islamiyah that coming from 30 countries.

This kind of cooperation is one of the ways of our approach to overcome the real situation that still happen in Libya that may endanger the peace of Libyan peoples itself. The main aims of this cooperation among other are to support the social unity of the Libyan that everybody sure is the key of success in building the stronger Libya and to prepare more ready human resources of Libyan to achieve their economic vision as being proclaimed by the Libyan Leader to normalize their economic and social cohesion.

For Indonesia and also sure for others, Libyan people are part of development partners in creating more prosperous for our respective countries and event for the regions. As the Sustainable Development Goals Vision   “No one left behind”, every peoples living in the world should take a proper profit and benefit for their welfare and well-being. Therefore, Indonesia through his mission in Tripoli would like to be bridger and facilitator for the happening of these kinds of activities.

Relating to above regards, the Indonesian Mission in Tripoli gives appreciation for All Libyan sides who have given and show their strong continued commitment in creating their own countries to be festive for good and supporting the emerging of news Sentra of economic in the regions that uphold the vision of “No one Left behind”.

Once again, the member of international communities, Libya and Indonesia are obliged to work together in keeping the countries strong and support the region of Mediterranean become festive for good and doing bilateral and international cooperation. May Allah Subhanahu wata’la give Libya and Indonesia, and other countries who work for the good easiness and barakah. Aaameen Ya Robbal Alamen.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer

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