Closure of Oil Ports and Fields

Closure of Oil Ports and Fields

November 16, 2015 - 12:55
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By Grand Mufti Sheikh Sadiq Al-Gharyani

The causes of high prices, the rocketing price of the dollar, inability to meet the demands of the protesters, and the reasons for the long suffering of the people of Libya, is the sabotage and burglary of the sole source of their income.

There is no reason for the prolonged suffering other than that, and there are no limits to its consequences and devastating effects.

Occupation and disabling of the of the oil installations by outlaw groups is the origin of all crises in Libya. The intentional disabling of oil production is a genuine attempt by several parties to abort the revolution project in Libya. It’s an attempt that bets on the decline of the economy of the country, the country inability to pay the employees’ salaries, the disappearance of bread in a way that leaves no option but to surrender where the international community is ready to take the lead of the country and to dictate its conditions.

The international community is able to stop this oil abuse, but keeps silent and blesses it; because in their view and the view of their collaborators it is a paper of irresistible pressure, to eventually accept their solutions.

Will the conscience of those who sit on the throne of the whole Libyan wealth, putting it in their grip two years ago, wake up? Will they realize the seriousness of what they commit against the right of the nation and the generations of injustice and aggression, before it is too late?

Will the situation move their scruples of fear from Allah, the Impeller who gives respite but does not neglect.
(Allah dictates to the wrongdoer but when he takes him, he takes him competently.) (He who wrongs himself, we will make him taste great torment.) 
Will pride and jealousy for homeland move in them and make the enemy miss the opportunity?
Those doing these shameful acts do hand over their country to the foreigner and expose their country to destruction, will be cursed by Allah the Almighty, by the generations and will incur the defame of time and history.

The noble, even if he commits injustice, never accepts humiliation, shame or indignity that would not inflict him alone, but will inflict his children, grandchildren, and will adhere to his family, tribe, and those who stood with helped and defended him. They will all experience Allah’s curse, the people’s curse and the curse of history! Because of they innovated of great injustice and corruption, and what they have brought to their country of defame and treachery, whenever the name of Libya is mentioned in the pages history.

Those who are blocking the oil production and their defendants brought extreme evil to their nationals and brothers in religion and innovated a great mischief because of which they deserved the promise of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, (whoever commits a mischief or house up a sinful, Allah’s curse will be upon him as well as the curses of angels and people.)
Will people then wake up and respond to the plots of those who occupied their foods to bring them back to humiliation!?

When they have to opt between hunger, religion and homeland, will they favor the option of religion and homeland; endure hunger as was once done by one of the ascendant Mujahedeen, who defeated colonialism despite severe poverty and empty stomach.


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