The Camel Stage

The Camel Stage

April 11, 2021 - 15:36
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By Abdullah Al-Kabir, a Libyan writer 

Abdullah Al-Kabir

What was failed to achieve by thousands of bombs, missiles and combat bombers as they bombed the homes of the people of Tripoli over a period of 14 months, Al-Habouni camel achieved it in a few days. 
While the innocent people whose homes were destroyed on their heads or were torn apart by the mines of Wagner's mercenaries, and the mourning of the victims’ families of the murdered in the mass graves of Tarhuna failed, Al-Habouni managed to awaken the consciences of Tariq's daughters. 
Those groups that topped the TV channels, means of communication and various media platforms as a supporter for the savages and mercenaries of Haftar as they invade Tripoli, throughout the months of war, full of hostility to humans and life, the justified aggression, crimes, murder and bloodshed, and their slogan was to glorify the killers and let the victims go to hell. 
But the slaughter of a camel of Al-Habouni awakened their consciences from its slumber, and as soon as the news spread, they rushed to the pulpits, shedding tears on the camel, considering its slaughter as a symbolic sign and a message that carries within it the rejection of peace !! 
It seems that the ascent to the human stage in this affinity necessitates passing through the camel stage first. The Portuguese writer, José Saramago says: "There is no blind man worse than the blind who sees."

The fall of lies season 

About two weeks after the kidnapping of Mrs. Siham Sergewa, Haftar’s Interior Minister appeared and accused a terrorist organization of the kidnapping. He recounted the facts of a mock battle that took place in front of Sergewa's house, when a security force advanced and clashed with the terrorists before retreating due to the difference in the balance of power between the two sides. 
Of course, no one believed this lie, which blew past lies about the undiminished liberation of Benghazi from terrorist organizations and elements, and about the blessing of security and safety in Benghazi under the auspices of the army and the police, and others. 
The signature of the Awliya al-Dam militia was evident on the walls of Sergewa's house, and the pictures did not show any traces of the alleged clashes in the novel of the Minister of the Interior, who apparently hastened and did not consult a professional director to show him the flaws in his novel, which took two weeks to cook. 
The series of lies did not stop to justify the crisis that afflicts the camp of criminal leaders in Benghazi, and as usual, the makers of lies did not pay attention to the contradiction of their narratives with the course of events in previous years. 
Two days after the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, the Chief of Military Prosecution stated in a press conference that Al-Werfalli suffers from a partial mental defect, and the military court referred him to a mental health facility. How does this diagnosis fit with the successive promotions of Al-Werfalli from Major to Captain to Lieutenant Colonel? How can a killer with a partial mental defect be allowed to carry a weapon and move freely? The angry reactions from the supporters of Al-Werfalli, and the leaders of the criminal gangs alerted to the enormity of the justification, prompting the Chief of Military Prosecution to go out on a satellite channel, adding that he meant by mental defect the psychological trauma that afflicted Al-Werfalli and all the military forces as a result of the war with the terrorists, a miserable attempt to cover up a frivolous lie with another worse one. 
And we do not know what lies coming to justify any crimes on the horizon, in light of the intensification of the conflict between the rival militias, and the security chaos that has destroyed the myth of the army, police, security and safety. 
When Al-Werfalli was killing, mimicking the method of ISIS, no one emerged denouncing this crime, while the voice of support was loud, the denunciation is intended here as the departure of a high-ranking political or social figure from the city, to reject and denounce Al-Werfalli's brutality and terrorist practices. Upon the siege of Qanfudhah, a tribal leader announced that no one over the age of fourteen would come out alive. He supported genocide, accusing all besieged people, including children, of terrorism and belonging to ISIS, while the audience was applauding and cheering behind his enthusiastic statement. 
We did not see or hear those who forbid evil, the elders of the people did not denounce the heinous crimes except in whispers. 
And from the laws of God, the curse of ruin prevail, and trees of revenge grow, crime breaks out, lies fall down, when nations and peoples lose their denial of evil.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer