Bamboo and Palma : The blessing for Mediterranean and Archipelago ; Indonesian experience in preserving local wisdom in Libya

Bamboo and Palma : The blessing for Mediterranean and Archipelago ; Indonesian experience in preserving local wisdom in Libya

March 21, 2021 - 13:30
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By Mohammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli - Libya

It is an honour to meet with Indonesian and Libyan who work for strengthening the bond not only for human interaction but also for natural and environment protection. Their effort direct or indirect  has  kept our awareness to importance of preserving   the human and our environment needs. Technically their effort has  also strengthened the standard of conformity of human livings and also for balancing the way of thinking toward sustainable  development and environment  in all regions.

It is Bamboo the plant that usually found in the Far East or in the Archipelagic  country like Indonesia since decade has been found in Mediteranian land, especially in Libya. What a surprise that the Bamboo building is quite macthing not only for decoration but also for making essential part of  space of the Building itself. It can be seen on the video above that the Bamboo Building that found in  the compound of Dr. Mohamed Benhameda, the Libyan who live in Misurata-Libya. It has been nicely built with the good office of and  guided by Brother Sri Samijan the Indonesian expert in Bambo and Stone Construction, in many models.

The Bamboo for them (Mr. Benhameda and Bro. Sri Samidjan)  is inspiration to give an excellent idea to  their country fellow man  to have another nuances and to have other alternate in creating  more relax feeling when they use it as  part of their building, especially during the summer.  Other things that quite impressive is their way of thinking about the Brotherhood of Mediteranian and Archipelagic when they considered the Bamboo gives  good spirit of bond between Mediteranian and Archiplegic regions. Therefore they are called Bamboo is like Rahmatan for Mediteranian and Archipelago (#rahmatanarchipelagomediteranian) that should be preserved and developed.

At the same, their way of doing in utilizing natural product is in line with the effort in developing local asset such as Palma Trees especially their fibre for creating more interisting friendly economic products by doing hydroponic system.

Furthermore, this far East and Archipelagic products   also  enrich  the effort of  empowering peoples toward natural products  along with local products, such as of empowering part of the Palm Trees ( Fiber) that is abundance in Mediterania for Hydroponic activities, to reduce the burden of using Water that usually quite rare to find.

These two  materials can be excellent combination to be applied in the region especially in the Cities and the Southern part of Libya whose source of Water are scarcity. In this regards, the Embassy has organized virtual Seminar  between University od Misurata and the related expert and institution in Indonesia to study the utilisation of part of Palma Trees as the media for Hydroponic plantation model and other used for making economic products such as helmet.

In appreciating these efforts and to the  Mediteranian and Archipelagic asset for our model of building development and social empowering program, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia  in Tripoli is honourly presenting the above short video for all Libyan Fellow and the readers. It is hoped that the Bamboo product will grow and enhance the bond relations and cooperation  between Libya in the Mediteranian and Indonesia as  the biggest Archipelagic country where you can find abundance of Bamboo. In this regards, The Embassy also extends its appreciation to Brother Mohamed Benhameda and Brother Sri Samijan for their outstanding efforts in reactivating again their Bamboo activities in the future.


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