Zintan military council: Haftar abandoned vision of 17 February revolution

Zintan military council: Haftar abandoned vision of 17 February revolution

March 30, 2017 - 22:39
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The military council of Zintan city has accused what it described as the General Command of Libyan Army of taking up a strategy that is radically in opposition to the aims and principles of the 17 February revolution.

"The Libyan army should rethink the decisions that saw ex-regime henchmen appointed in critical security and military positions." Zinatn's military council said in a statement on Thursday.

After holding a meeting for military leaders and army officer from Zintan city, the council warned Haftar-led command of luring some of the Libyan tribes to form military alliances that will only lead to more fragmentation.

"The change that happened on 17 February 2011 was against a corrupted regime that made all the living conditions of Libyans unworthy." the council indicated, saying the revolution was not against a certain tribe or a city.

"All Libyans are equal in terms of their rights and duties in this country." The Zinatni military council remarked.

Meanwhile, Hfatar's command appointed many military figures in different positions this week, including Brigadier General, Al-Mabrook Sahban, as the commander of Sirte military zone.

Sahban is one of the most prominent military figures of Gaddafi's regime. He had a very effective role in the crackdown on the 17 February revolution, especially that he was appointed to lay a siege on Zintan and bombard it in 2011 revolution to end the revolution in the city then.