Wehda Hospital in besieged Derna confirms receiving medical supplies

Wehda Hospital in besieged Derna confirms receiving medical supplies

August 08, 2017 - 22:26
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Wehda Hospital in the besieged city of Derna in eastern Libya has received a copy of the order of the Omar Al-Mukhtar Operations Room of Dignity Operation that allows supply of medicines and medical equipment to the hospital, the Head Director Mansour Ben Fayed said in a statement.

Ben Fayed added that the order also allows sending oxygen tanks, which are missing from Derna hospitals, besides allowing ambulances to go out of Derna to fill fuel and the families to go out after passing security checks.

"No entrances to the city can be allowed for people." The order says, Ben Fayed added, saying basic needs, foods and vegetables have almost disappeared from the city.

Derna has been under a crippling siege by Dignity Operation forces for a week disallowing basic needs for living and fuel from entering the city as well as banning departures of residents out of it.

Meantime, local and international organizations and figures such as UNSMIL and Presidential Council and others denounced the siege on Derna residents as it establishes for a looming humanitarian disaster, urging Haftar-led Dignity Operation forces to lift the siege and allow civilians to lead a normal life.