Wadi Otbh delegation reviews with Maiteeq region's bottlenecks

Wadi Otbh delegation reviews with Maiteeq region's bottlenecks

October 21, 2020 - 12:56
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The deputy head of the Presidential Council (PC), Ahmed Maiteeq, received on Tuesday a delegation of elders and dignitaries from the Municipality of Wadi Otbh, south of Libya.

The delegation briefed Maiteeq on the problems and difficulties which undermine the municipal council's work to provide services to its population, a statement by the media office of the Ministerial Council said on Facebook Tuesday.

The delegation requested support to enable local authorities to enhance their services in particular in the education and health sector and to address the underlying challenges stemming from insecurity.

For his part, Maiteeq emphasized that the government will work to improve the situation in the south and cooperate with the relevant authorities at that end.

The Municipality of Wadi Otbh inhabited by both Arabs and Tuaregs, lies some 160 kilometers southwest of Sabha, with a valley that embraces three of the most significant agricultural projects in the country, namely, the "al-Maknusa" agricultural production project, the "Burjuj" animal, agricultural project, and the Tasawa project for improving and multiplying seeds.