Violent clashes rock Tripoli once again

Violent clashes rock Tripoli once again

July 07, 2018 - 23:03
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Clashes between a notorious armed group led by Ghaniwa Al-Kikly and an armed group that defected from under his command took place on Saturday at Al-Hadba in Abu Salim, Tripoli.

The Al-Kikly-led group attacked the defectors led by Mahmoud Buazza, who was Al-Kikly's sidekick.

According to sources from the area of clashes, Buazza was killed in the fighting as he was hit in the head by gunfire, then died in the hospital.

The fighting was prompted by a previous dispute by Al-Kikly and Buazza as the former accused him of a coup attempt, knowing that Al-Kikly heads a security apparatus of the Interior Ministry and his armed group controls Abu Salim and Al-Hadba areas in Tripoli.

Several injuries were reported by eyewitnesses, let alone material damage as well as blockade of several roads in the capital, including Airport Road.

They added that fighting ceased after Al-Kikly's armed group controlled the positions of Buazza.

No official numbers of deaths or injuries were recorded in the capital.