Video: Old woman speaks against brutality of Haftar-led army in Sabha

Video: Old woman speaks against brutality of Haftar-led army in Sabha

February 01, 2019 - 18:34
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An old woman from the southern city of Sabha has spoken out against the atrocities of warlord Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army. The helpless woman spoke about how Haftar’s militia groups stormed her sons’ houses and looted the valuables.

The grief-stricken mom said “Israeli army would not do this if they invaded Libya.”


Here is a transcript of her complaint:

I hope what happened yesterday to my son won't happen to anyone else

They stormed the house chanting Allah Akbar

First, they handcuffed the men, Nasser and Abdul Basset

The doctor (her son) was coming down the stairs; he was seeing off some construction workers from upstairs, he was fasting

Mohammed wasn't here at first; he came later and found us in this state

They stormed our homes with their guns and heavy weapons

The doctor's wife was upstairs

They knocked down the door

She said she didn't realize what was happening until she found them standing in her bedroom

She asked them to respect her private space but they just yelled at her

They didn't spare anything, jewelry, money, the laptop, even her university's paperwork, they took it all

Then they went downstairs

They took everything they set eyes on

The gold, the safe, everything, even some jewelry they found on the dressing table, they took it as well

The doctor had a large sum of money in his house that he was entrusted with

He was building a house

They took all the money in the bag, even their passports, and their university's paperwork

His wife was terrified; they tied us up in the ground floor and then went upstairs

She has long devoted her time for teaching the new generation, and now, she found herself dealing with a gang

If this is the army we don't want it,

If there is an army, we would be the first to welcome it, we are not against it

They took everything, our cars and the safe that needs ten men to move

The poor woman, she was afraid for her daughters, she slammed the door

Even the bride's basket known as the "Alaqa", they scattered it on the floor

They even searched women's clothes

If they were an army, we will raise our hats for them

The army should protect us

The army does not attack women

Abdul Majeed has nothing to do with the ongoing fighting; he never went to the battlefronts

All he did is that he spoke loudly

Don't they claim that there is a freedom of speech?

Well, I'm expressing my opinion now, so come and arrest me

If there is a freedom of speech, we all want to exercise this right

Abdul Majeed didn't fight you in the fronts

If there was a law than leave the law to judge him, rather than coming here and attacking women, intimidating them, and taking their men away

They didn't leave us a man

Just Faraj

Faraj was dragged from his shirt all the way to here just like a sheep

They stormed into his house and ordered him to face the wall

Are these the acts of a government?

He quarreled with them; he refused to be treated this way

His wife has just come from work

They ordered her to take off her jewelry, they even took her earrings

Then, one of them grabbed her handbag and tipped it over, she had a small amount of money inside, just a few pennies, though, they didn't spare it

They stole a large amount of money from the doctor

They took the safe in Mohammad's house, including his wife's gold

His wife could no longer stay at her home after the attack

She's staying with her parents now

They raided Abdul Majeed's house and destroyed everything they found

They left nothing

Why are they doing this? Even in the "Fellagha" times this never happened

I am 60 years old now, but I have never seen such people

Are they hungry?

They broke into Ali's house and didn't spare anything... Even the food in the refrigerator, they ate it all

The things they did, even Israel wouldn't have done it

I sure say, that if Israel invades us it would behave better than them

We want our rights or give us a political asylum

We will leave them the country

Today, they took our men and left us alone

We have been insulted and beaten

We will leave them the country

What is a country without its men?

How dare they take away my sons

They filled five cars with our men

Are they "Fellagha"?

They didn't spare a television nor gas cylinders

They stole the generator

What did they leave us?

They left us nothing

If they were an army, and they came here to protect us, as they claim, we would lift our hats for them

We would be under their command

But they are not an army

They are a militia, in fact

This is the truth

Lying is prohibited

Are these the acts of an army?

We want to know the fate of our children?

Poor child, he was going for exams this Sunday

They took him away

Do you know why? Because he asked them to show respect for women and not to humiliate them

There was no one to defend us except for this child

They handcuffed Nasser

They handcuffed Mohammad, he was fasting

He was a good man; he fasts on Mondays and Thursdays

Hasbiya Alla Wa Nima Al-Wakeel

We want to know the fate of our children

Give us our rights if you consider us Libyans

If my sons have done wrong, then leave the law to judge them

What did the doctor do wrong?

He educates and teaches generations

His son is now suffering urination

I was beside him, when he got up trembling, he was crying out, "They're taking my father, they're taking my father away" They're taking Othman"

Othman is his cousin; he saw them ducking him in the car

If they were an army I'll be pleasured to put them on my head

If they were an army they would be welcomed

The army knocks on the doors

If he was in the house we will tell them so, and if he isn't in, they should leave us alone, and not attack us

How dare they attack and insult a woman in her home

Isn't there any respect for the privacy of houses?

Isn't there any respect for women's clothes?

They stole eight cooking gas cylinders

They took seven from here, and even brought the one attached to the cooker

They stole the generator

One of them threw it on his shoulder and took it away

The emptied the handbag of the lady and stole her belongings

Even her passport and her husband and son's passport too

Oh, son, we call on them, if they are really the army's High Command, we would put them above our heads, but give us our rights

We are with the army and not against it

We are eager to have an army that would protect and secure our country

We are eager to see the day that we could drive our cars without fear

But don't attack homes

Even our food has been stolen…..