US Senator Graham: Haftar cannot control Libya with military force

US Senator Graham: Haftar cannot control Libya with military force

April 28, 2019 - 20:54
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The US Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, who is also a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, said Sunday that President Donald Trump's phone call to "warlord Khalifa Haftar" had an "unnerving" effect in the region.

Speaking to CBS, Sen. Graham said he doesn't know what the phone call to Haftar was about, but it had an unnerving effect on the ground.

Graham explained that the phone call between Haftar and Trump "seems to be perceived in the region as the US is picking sides."

"Supporting a faction in Libya's prolonged internal conflict could precipitate a full-blown civil war similar to the situation in Syria. There is no way General Haftar can take Tripoli and hold it," Graham added.

Graham said Trump should push for a political reconciliation in Libya, reiterating that there is no military solution in the country.

"Haftar cannot control the country by military force."

Graham urged Trump to pursue a political solution in Libya, warning that an escalation of violence would lead to more refugees fleeing Libya.

"I hope we rebalance that phone call soon," Sen. Graham said.

Friday before the last, the White House said Trump and Haftar spoke on the phone and the former hailed "Haftar's war on terrorism in Tripoli."