US renews support for Libyan Political Agreement, UN-proposed government

US renews support for Libyan Political Agreement, UN-proposed government

May 23, 2017 - 23:00
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

On Tuesday, the US Ambassador to Libya, Peter Bodde arrived in Tripoli with a delegation that included the Commander of AFRICOM, Marine General Thomas Waldhauser and other officials.

Bodde and Waldhauser got then engaged in a meeting with the Head of the UN-proposed government's Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj.

Both Libyan and American officials hailed the joint cooperation that proved fruitful over the last period, especially in rooting out IS militants from Sirte.

"Our cooperation with the US is ongoing and will be significant in fighting terrorism in Libya, adding that stability is the only goal that Libyans are going after so that they can build their country after years of suffering." Al-Sirraj remarked in his meeting with the US officials.

"It is time the crises of all these years ended on all levels." Al-Sirraj elaborated.

He also added that his government has reached a point of no going back and "that is why we will never be merciful on those who create chaos or fightings and destroy the efforts for reconciliation and concord among Libyans," he said, citing "those who are mobilizing for threatening Tripoli."

Al-Sirraj also told the US officials that his government won't be soft on those who pose threats to civilian lives, adding that there is a chance for them to back off, but the chance is not there too long."

"We're ready to implement the projects agreed upon between Libya and AFRICOM such as coordination, reestablishing security departments, and exchange of information, as well as arming Libyan forces." Al-Sirraj indicated, pointing out that the case of lifting the ban on weapons purchase in Libya will be raised at the UN next week.

"We also call for the return of the US diplomatic mission to Tripoli as soon as possible so that we can have a solid ground for cooperation." He explained.

US Ambassador reiterated, however, the importance of Libyan dialogue about forming a government with a wide-range popularity in Libya under Skhirat-signed agreement, hailing at the same time the Libyan efforts to draft a new constitution, endorse it, and have a follow up elections next year.

"All Libyans must avoid any more conflicts as they will only lead to civil war and the outbreak of terrorism, not to mention the social and economic hurdles," Bodde remarked, saying his country is against any attacks that aim at seizing grounds by all parties.

AFRICOM Commander, on the other hand, renewed support for the UN-proposed government and said that the meeting in Tripoli is a positive step in a continuous process that aims at bringing stability to Tripoli in particular and Libya as a whole in general.

Waldhauser also discussed all possible efforts to rebuild Libya's defenses and provide support for its security forces, adding that AFRICOM will pursue its cooperation with the UN-proposed government's officials to find a way to support the forces tasked with securing Tripoli.

"AFRICOM also supports EU operations in securing Libya's borders and Operation Sophia that is also offering training for Libyans in the field of borders security." He explained.


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