US House Foreign Affairs Committee calls for probing Haftar for war crimes being US citizen

US House Foreign Affairs Committee calls for probing Haftar for war crimes being US citizen

May 16, 2019 - 19:19
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

US House Representative Tom Malinowski said the House Foreign Affairs Committee members will send a letter to the US Attorney General and FBI Director asking for investigating Khalifa Haftar for war crimes he and his subordinates committed in Libya since Haftar is a US citizen.

The remarks came in a hearing at the committee with witnesses analyzing the Libyan situation, including Benjamin Fishman, Megan Doherty, Frederic Wehrey, and Thomas Hill.

The Chairman of the hearing, Theodore Deutch, reiterated that Khalifa Haftar's attack on Tripoli is undermining the political process in the country, urging the US administration to adopt a clearer policy toward Libya and call for an unconditional ceasefire.

Deutch added that US President Donald Trump called Haftar, but he did not ask him to cease fire and that was considered by many states in the region as a support for his war in Tripoli, thus creating the current crisis in the country which would affect many neighboring and regional states.

The witnesses and the members of the committee all were in agreement with the fact that Haftar's claims of fighting terrorism were false, calling him out for his war on Misrata forces, which the committee and witnesses clarified as the ones who coordinated with the US in defeating ISIS in Libya in 2016.

They also called for a US pressure on its allies, especially the ones supporting Haftar's war on Tripoli; France, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, into pushing for a political solution under the UN auspices, urging for a ceasefire as a first step to avoid more humanitarian crises.

Witnesses reiterated that Haftar took three years to calm control in Benghazi, so his Tripoli takeover won't be easy or short in time, adding that he might have lied to his supporters about his true capabilities in this fighting.

Witnesses also told the committee that Haftar has proven to be the one fueling the conflict in Libya and his supporters in eastern Libya are with him out of despair. He has no army, but only some former soldiers and tribal militias paid to fight.