US ambassador calls on Haftar to halt military operations in Tripoli

US ambassador calls on Haftar to halt military operations in Tripoli

March 28, 2020 - 11:45
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The US Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, has called Haftar to translate the humanitarian truce, by suspending the military operation in Tripoli, in order to allow both sides to return to the draft ceasefire established through 5+5 military commission facilitated by the UN mission in Geneva.

In an open letter to political and military leaders in Libya and the Libyan people, Norland urged all parties to immediately halt the mobilization of foreign fighters who constitute a real threat of spreading the corunavirus epidemic.

"The United States recognizes that external parties are responsible for fueling the conflict, and is in the process of handling this matter through diplomatic channels," the US ambassador said in his letter.

"Without a strong and unified response, the new coronavirus epidemic may spread rapidly and create a widespread public health emergency. Sickness and death could be spread among soldiers and civilians alike," the ambassador added.

He emphasized that the only way for Libya to survive this epidemic, which the world had not witnessed for 100 years, is with the courage and action of both leadership and individuals.

"As I watch my country face a sharp rise in confirmed Covid-19 cases, I strongly urge Libyans to take these steps before the expected outbreak," he added.

Norland stressed that ceasing hostilities is an absolute necessity to give public health authorities throughout Libya the opportunity to collaborate and join efforts in order to contain the spread of this epidemic and beat it.