UN Panel of Experts report redacts bits about bribes at Libya's political dialogue

UN Panel of Experts report redacts bits about bribes at Libya's political dialogue

March 17, 2021 - 13:54
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The United Nations published Tuesday a Panel of Experts (PoE) report on Libya of over 550 pages, detailing military, social, political and economic as well as corruption violations, including the bribery allegations that happened in November 2020 at a Libyan Political Dialogue Forum meeting in Tunisia.

The PoE report redacted the annex that details the bribery investigation, but summarized by saying that at least three LPDF participants were offered bribes to vote for certain candidates but categorically rejected to them.

The report said ISIS threat remains serious in Libya while Al-Qaeda is dormant with sleeper cells still exist in the country.

"There are Chadian and Sudanese groups in Libya as Sudanese Rapid Support Forces have about 700 fighters active inside Libya." The report adds, saying there are human rights abuses, torture and unlawful arrests being committed by regular security forces and other groups in eastern and western Libya.

The PoE report mentioned the crimes of pro-Haftar Al-Kani militias of Tarhouna, saying they joined Haftar's forces in 2019 and became known as 9th Brigade, adding that Abdelrahman Al-Shigagi (Al-Kani) was responsible for many violations and abductions such as Layla Harouda, whom he abducted with her two sisters, Reema and Hawa. The family identified Layal's body in one of the unearthed mass graves in Tarhouna.

The report detailed the violations of the warring parties in Libya, saying Haftar's forces forced civilians to leave their houses and bombed many civilian locations such as Mitiga airport, schools and hospitals.