UN Mission launches media campaign for reconciliation in Libya

UN Mission launches media campaign for reconciliation in Libya

August 06, 2018 - 18:44
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

The UNSMIL deputy head of political affairs, Stephanie Williams, said on Monday that the reconciliation agenda must address the recent problems and the injustices that have occurred in the past years, in addition, it must also promote the culture of respecting diversity, women, youth, and minorities.

"In different countries that have witnessed conflicts, the media has been used for negative or positive purposes, therefore, this campaign was launched to raise awareness among Libyans, to emphasize the importance of addressing violations, and to introduce mechanisms of justice," Williams explained during the opening ceremony of the media campaign "Al-Solh Khair" in the framework of the process "Towards A National Reconciliation In Libya" under the auspices of the UN Mission.

The UNSMIL deputy stressed that the principle role of the campaign is to familiarize the public on the role of reconciliation and efforts to promote national values, and to renounce hatred, in addition, to promote a culture of reconciliation and respect for diversity, pointing out that polarization is the most difficult obstacle to compatibility.

She further noted that future initiatives should be built upon dialogue and talk with all parties to find consensus on the contested history, which Libyans have different perspectives on its events, stressing that the campaign will outline the common denominators.

Williams has been holding continues meetings since taking up her post at the UN mission, where she held talks with Libyan officials, politicians and heads of parties, to discuss the economic conditions and ways to promote political reconciliation between the parties.