Tobruk MPs scold UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler

Tobruk MPs scold UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler

January 20, 2017 - 16:03
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

They accused him of being behind all Libya's political and economic crises

UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler met with four Tobruk parliament hardliners in Malta on Thursday in a bid to cozy up to Dignity Operation camp in the east of the country.

Kobler met with Ali Al-Gotrani, Salhin Abdul-Nabi, Saied Al-Zawai and Ali Al-Saidi, all are loyalists to Khalifa Haftar, to discuss the political deadlock, but they received him with a series of rebukes, blaming him of being behind all Libya's political and economic crises.

In their heated debate, Saied Al-Zawai accused Kobler of offending Libyans and being regional and bias to one party over another.

"You have offended Libyans, you did not show the morals of a UN envoy." Saied remarked in a leaked video posted on social media on Friday, claiming that all residents of his southern city of Kufra are in favor of HoR and Haftar's army.

He claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood group are in full control of Tripoli and Misrata while other cities are with the parliament and Haftar's army.

Al-Zawai also accused Kobler of receiving a bribe to sell Libya to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

"How much did you get for selling Libya?" he asked.

For his part, Al-Gotrani accused the Presidency Council, which he described as a trusteeship government, of violating Libya's constitution and meeting without approval from the House of Representatives with the help of UN and the international community.

Kobler tweeted in his account on Friday saying "Lively exchanges in Malta with Libyan politicians. Happy that all discussions are based on Libyan Political Agreement as only framework."

Hours later he tweeted: "not pleased by secret recording and publication of confidential meeting with Ali gatrani. internal should remain internal. not fair play!"

Early this week, local authorities in the eastern city of Tobruk declared Martin Kobler persona non grata and refused to grant his plane a landing approval to meet parliament speaker Aqailah Saleh.