Tobruk government PM escapes assassination attempt

Tobruk government PM escapes assassination attempt

May 27, 2015 - 14:04
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Prime Minister of Tobruk government Abdullah Al-Thani escaped an assassination attempt in Tobruk on Tuesday. He was leaving Tobruk parliament building when gunmen opened fire at his convoy leaving some of his bodyguards wounded.

Al-Thani accused political powers, outside the parliament, of being behind his assassination attempt.

News sources indicated that supporters of businessman Hassona Tatanaki were behind the attack. Al-Thani and Tatanaki are at odds as the latter, according to Al-Thani, has for several times tried to defame him and incite the public against his government through his TV channel Libya Awalan.

According to Al-Thani, Tatanaki wanted to be a foreign affairs minister but he didn't succeed. Then he (Tatanaki) wanted to be chairman of the Libyan Investment Portfolio, which runs 67 billion dinars, but he failed too.

Yesterday, armed protesters besieged Tobruk parliament when a meeting for questioning Al-Thani was underway. The meeting was suspended after the angry protesters opened fire outside the meeting hall demanding dismissal of Abdullah Al-Thani.