Tajoura mayor says Al-Sirraj calls for ending violence while Haftar is committing it

Tajoura mayor says Al-Sirraj calls for ending violence while Haftar is committing it

March 06, 2019 - 20:42
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The mayor of Tajoura in eastern Tripoli Hussein bin Atiyah said he had told the Head of the Presidential Council that "when you advocate for ending violence and hate and for dialogue, Khalifa Haftar is responding by war and more conflicts, which means he doesn't believe in dialogue or civilian state."

Bin Atiyah's remarks came in the meeting for west Libyan municipalities held Tuesday in Tripoli and headed by Al-Sirraj, who reiterated that he had told Haftar in the UAE that Libya needs a civilian state building and no military solution will resolve its crisis.

"If Al-Sirraj and Haftar monopolized the political solution as the former did with the Presidential Council's decisions, this means war. Libya can only move forward if it adopts February 17 revolutions' constants such as a civilian state." He added.

Al-Sirraj told the western municipalities' representatives on Wednesday that he had agreed with Haftar on agreement based on principles that stress a civilian state, separation of powers and peaceful circulation of powers.

"There's no place for militarization of Libya and there's no place for hate, violence and any disturbances that lead to a civil war in Libya." Al-Sirraj added.

He said that such principles were the key points of Abu Dhabi meeting with different parties in order to avoid bloodshed and reach a formula to avoid military escalation.

"We talked about the need to end the transitional phase, uniting state institutions, holding elections and supporting the UN envoy's efforts in Libya." Al-Sirraj added.