Suluq town in east Libya flooded with sewage water

Suluq town in east Libya flooded with sewage water

August 22, 2017 - 14:44
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

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The inhabitants of Suluq town have been suffering from the continued flow of sewage water on the streets for many years, especially in the center of the city known as the " the market centre" where residents find themselves subjected to unpleasant smells and mosquito bites.

Speaking to Libyan News Agency (LANA) of the eastern government, Attiya Belaazi, a resident of the own, said the health of the citizens and their usurped rights have been in vain, where residents became familiar with the scene of sewage water in the streets and in front of their homes, creating ponds and marshes that have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects.

As the flow of sewage from the sewers continues to rise, houses in the area are surrounded by black pools, making it difficult for locals to reach their homes without being polluted.

Belaazi said "the increase of this problem foreshadows a health and environmental catastrophe, not to mention the psychological damage caused by the black lakes and bad odors".

For his part, environmental researcher Taher Salem Ghnewah said that there have been no studies on the pollution and no competent body showed interest on its assessment.

Environmental researcher Tahir Ghanewah warned of drinking water contamination, calling on the rival authorities in the country to carry out studies and research on the proportion of pollution, especially after the fracture seen on the buildings as well as the new symptoms that have been noticed on the people residing the town.

Suluq Mayor al-Bashir al-Jarmani said during a phone call with LANA that the municipality had addressed all concerned parties in the state to save lives of the inhabitants.

He pointed out that the problem of pollution and rift was caused by the exhaustion of infrastructure and the absence of sewage networks, urging the Libyan Interim Government to intervene to conclude contracts and save what can be saved.

The technical adviser in the municipality, Mohamed Kzah, described the situation as "catastrophic", reaffirming that the Libyan state during the previous regime had contracted with a Brazilian company in 2006 to implement the infrastructure project in Suluq town, but the company only achieved 12% of the project before leaving the country due to the outbreak of the revolution on 17 of February 2011.

He confirmed that the Municipality has all the studies and the cost needed to complete the project, hoping that the concerned parties would heed their appeal to conclude other new contracts to resume work on the project.