Spokesman for Libyan east forces claims Tripoli is ready to welcome their troops

Spokesman for Libyan east forces claims Tripoli is ready to welcome their troops

October 26, 2017 - 23:07
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Tripoli is ready to welcome the eastern forces led by Khalifa Haftar, said the spokesman of Haftar-led Dignity Operation, Ahmed Al-Mismari.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Al-Mismari said he cannot elaborate on the western region as it has become a military zone, reaffirming that their forces are preparing for a massively important battle, which he said will be conclusive in the war on "terrorism."

"The dialogue committees of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State are part of prolonging Libya's financial, economic, health and services crises. Libya cannot be safe and secure except through the Libyan Arab armed forces, whose ability to create a state is respected by all." He indicated.

Al-Mismari also added that their forces are coordinating with Egypt to secure the joint borders to help undermine smuggling operations of IS militants and weapons, adding that the nature of the Libyan-Egyptian border makes it easy to smuggle drugs, weapons and even IS terrorists.

"We have given a six-month deadline for resolving the current crisis by politicians through commander Khalifa Haftar after his meeting with Fayez Al-Sirraj - the Head of Presidential Council - in Paris on July 23. If there would be no solution by the deadline, we have a strategy on the ground to end this crisis." Al-Misamri remarked.

He also added that their "general command" aims to secure Libya by disallowing illegal immigrants' flows, explaining that there is a huge humanitarian crime committed by the Italian mafia "which is selling and buying the body organs of illegal immigrants."

For more than once, Haftar dropped hints at the preparations of his forces to advance on the Libyan capital, the latest of which was days ago when he said the forces that controlled Sabratha were under his command, adding that his forces would seize Al-Zawiya city (40 km west of Tripoli) in days.