Southern Tripoli war is over

Southern Tripoli war is over

September 25, 2018 - 14:59
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Fighting in the south of Tripoli has ended, Tripoli Security Directorate announced on Tuesday, after nearly a month of fierce clashes that left over 115 people dead and 560 others wounded.

Sources said that Misrata-based Al-Smoud Brigade, led by former Libya Dawn Operation commander Saleh Badi, withdrew from Naqliyia camp in the Airport Road early in the day while Trahuna’s 7th Brigade retreated to their city.

Tripoli Security Directorate removed sand barriers from the fighting zones and gave the green light to thousands of displaced families to return back to their homes.

The sources said the military camps in the areas of clashes would be handed over to Tripoli Military Zone. The sources also indicated that an agreement is expected to be signed with Tarhuna city later in the day to foster peace in the capital.

Meanwhile, a reconciliation agreement between Tajoura and Souq Al-Joma’a districts was signed on Monday night, which paved the way for the end of southern Tripoli clashes.

According to the agreement, the Special Deterrence Force – from Souq Al-Joma’a – freed tens of detainees from Tajoura who have release order from the Attorney General while other inmates who are kept in prison without charges will be referred to the Attorney General for questioning.

A group of citizens from Souq Al-Joma’a, arrested by Tajoura’s Rahba (33) Brigade, were also freed, ending over a year-long of tit-for-tat arrests between the two sides.

Tajoura and Souq Al-Joma’a districts also agreed to end their dispute permanently and work together to bring peace to the capital.