A small government, but with 18 ministers

A small government, but with 18 ministers

February 15, 2016 - 21:04
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The UN-imposed government’s Presidential Council announced Sunday evening the new cabinet formation that includes 18 ministers, five of whom are State Ministers.

In a presser in Skhirat, Morocco, the PC said it had reached a “small” cabinet formation and called on Tobruk Parliament to grant it confidence so that it starts operating anon.

Reactions to the new cabinet varied from hailing voices to rejecting ones. The UN envoy, Martin Kobler welcomed the formation and called it “a chance for peace that cannot be wasted.” While Mohammed Al-Reaid, the boycotting HoR member who joined recently, said the cabinet is selected in a very good manner and that the HoR will approve regardless of the rejecting voices in the parliament.

In contrast, Al-Thanni government’s Libyan permanent representative in the United Nations, Ibrahim Al-Dabbashi, objected to including figures close to the ex-regime in the new formation, alluding to Mohammed Al-Taher Sayala, who was appointed a Foreign Minister by the PC, pointing that this might give way for Tobruk Parliament to reject the new cabinet.

Whereas, the Finance Minister who was nominated by the PC, Fakher Bu Farna, posted on his Facebook page that he refuses to accept this post. “I was taken by surprise as I heard that my name was included in the PC new cabinet, I was not informed about it, and I already announced last Friday that I do not want any post in this government.” He wrote.

In addition, the PC member Omar Al-Aswad, explained that he did not sign the new formation due to lack of transparency in the PC and unclear standards for the selection of ministers as well as ill-commitment to the public posts laws.

“The selection of the new cabinet was void of deliberations and the PC did not read the ministers’ CVs, but they just received a paper with the ministers’ names on, and then they passed it without discussion.” He added.

Relatedly, The PC member, Ali Al-Gotrani has also abstained from signing the formation of the new cabinet and he announced in a televised statement that he rejects the cabinet because it is based on quotas, saying he refuses to work on tribal or regional basis although he said last week that he would reject the new cabinet because it will not allocate the Defense, Foreign and Interior ministerial portfolios to figures from Cyrenaica region.