Skhirat agreement on the brink of collapse as gap between signatories widens

Skhirat agreement on the brink of collapse as gap between signatories widens

February 02, 2016 - 21:14
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Anti-Khalifa Haftar signatories of the Libyan political agreement have warned that the political accord, signed in Skhirat in December, would be collapsed if it was amended or deleted, days after their rivals in Tobruk Parliament called for deletion of article 8 of the agreement as a pre-condition to approve the agreement.

Issuing a joint statement Tuesday, the members shed the light on the responsibility that the UNSMIL must bear to guarantee the agreement remain unmodified any further and article (08) untouched.

They urged the Head and members of the Presidential Council of UN-imposed government to conform to their authorized duties as per the political agreement, yet bearing in mind the accord basics among them.

“The HoR’s vote of confidence for the Government of the National Accord is no more than a formal procedure because the HoR has got no right to reject the new cabinet formation nor has it the right to amend it. On the contrary, it should consult the yet-to-be-formed Supreme State Council in matters of no-confidence votes as stated in article (01) from paragraph (05) in Skhirat agreement.” The statement reads.

The statement also shouldered the Tobruk MPs the historic responsibility that would result in the collapse of the agreement if they ventured to amend the political agreement through the constitutional amendment.

“The HoR got its legitimacy from the political agreement in Skhirat as per article (12), yet it spoke out reservations on article (08) from the appendix provisions, which are part of the agreement and objected to the ministerial cabinet formation given to it.” The statement elaborated.

The statement was signed by Saleh Al-Makhzoum, Abu Al-Qasim Kazait, Mohammed Imazeb, Shaaban Bu Sitta, Mohammed Amari, Mohammed Baki, Sulaiman Al-Faqi, Fathi Bash Agha, Mohammed Sawan, and Ashraf Shih.