Several killed in clashes between two families in Sabha

Several killed in clashes between two families in Sabha

November 27, 2020 - 22:15
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Written By: SafaAlharathy

Clashes broke out in the city of Sabha on Thursday, resulting in the deaths of several people and the injury of three others; one is in critical condition, a source from the city told The Libya Observer.

The source who preferred to stay anonymous said that the clashes erupted on Thursday afternoon in the "Laqrad" neighborhood; Known as "Al-Fatah" between two families from the Qadadfa Tribe.

Activists posted pictures of burned vehicles and other property on social media, confirming that at least four people were killed in the clashes.

"Houses were burned besides vehicles and other private properties, while many families have been forced out of their homes by gunmen, the source told The Libya Observer.

As of late Thursday, the sounds of gunfire could still be heard in the city, despite some attempts to disengage the fighting parties, according to the same source.

Scores of lives have been claimed because of the fighting that erupts from time to time between these two families on the backdrop of some old vendetta, according to local people.


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