Saudi Arabia detains two Libyan military commanders performing Umrah in Mecca

Saudi Arabia detains two Libyan military commanders performing Umrah in Mecca

June 26, 2017 - 12:33
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Both men are pro-Presidential Council 

Authorities in Saudi Arabia detained two senior military commanders from the Libyan city of Al-Zawiya, western region, on Sunday.

Sources from the city said Mahmud Ben Rajab and Mohammed Al-Khadrawi were detained at the airport while returning home after performing Umrah in Mecca in Ramadan.

Mahmud Ben Rajab is a police lieutenant and Al-Khadrawi is a police captain, both work for the Central Security Agency in the city.

Both men are also former members of “Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room,” a military group that joined Libya Dawn Operation against Zintan armed groups aligned with Dignity Operation in 2014. They also took part in the fight against ISIS in Sirte and Sabratha. 

Alnabaa TV quoted sources from the city as saying that the detention was based on a list of wanted people prepared by “Libyan Interior Ministry” and sent to Saudi Arabia without specifying which government the ministry follows.

Libya has already three rival governments; the Interim Government, the Salvation Government and the Presidential Council, which was installed by the UNSMIL.

Mahmud Ben Rajab and Mohammed Al-Khadrawi are backers of UN-installed Presidential Council and staunch foes of Dignity Operation, which is supported by Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, the Defense and National Security Committee of House of Representatives has issued a list of alleged “terrorists” that included 75 lawmakers, politicians, military officers, clerics, activists, journalists and entities. Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room was among of them.