Sabha Medical Center working disinterestedly despite city’s fragile security

Sabha Medical Center working disinterestedly despite city’s fragile security

November 20, 2016 - 19:50
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The Sabha Medical Center said in a statement on Saturday that it would go on providing its health care services and receiving patients and injuries as well as carrying out surgeries despite the shaky security situation in the city.

“The center is completely impartial toward the two tribes fight in the city and we are ready to receive injuries and treat them from both sides as much as the center can manage to do so.” The statement reads.

“We are not responsible for protecting any injury or patient inside the center.” The statement adds.

Only the injuries of one side of the clashes ongoing in Sabha are arriving at Sabha Medical Center as the injuries of Gadadfa tribe are being sent to other places, sources say.

The Head of the Sabha Medical Center, Abdelrahman Arish said the center is ready to receive injuries from both fighting parties but cannot guarantee any protection of them amidst the current availability of weapons in the city, referring to previous clashes where armed groups killed their opponents while injured in hospitals and no one could stop them.

The Sabha Medical Center received one killed person and nine injuries, including children, due to the ongoing clashes in the city, thus increasing the total of killed people to 17 and injuries to 60 since last Thursday.