Rejection mounts over appointing a military colonel as mayor of Benghazi

Rejection mounts over appointing a military colonel as mayor of Benghazi

August 15, 2016 - 19:34
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

A member of the House of Representatives in Torbuk, Ibrahim Al-Darsi, said appointing a military governor in Benghazi means the end of the civilian authority in the city, saying that he cannot see why the HoR’s Speaker Aqilah Saleh chose Abdel Al-Razzaq Al-Nathori as a military commander on the area from Derna city to Ben Jawad, leaving out Tobruk.

“Maybe it is because Saleh wants to play with Tobruk and Al-Nathori with Benghazi.” Al-Darsi added.

It is totally rejected that an intelligence official – Ahmed Al-Araibi – has been appointed as the mayor of Benghazi, saying the municipal council was elected by the people, yet such acts are against the will of and an insult to those people.

“So the HoR members are in deep sleep right now and they are just receiving their salaries as the decision of appointing a military official as the mayor of Benghazi has passed unnoticed by those members, who are no longer the “supreme authority” in Libya as people think.” He remarked.

The member of Benghazi Municipality, Awad Al-Guwairi, said appointing Ahmed Al-Araibi as the mayor of Benghazi is incorrect and is not the specialty of the military commander nor the Prime Minister.

“It is illegal that the military commander would ignore the laws unless the HoR announced the state of provisional laws that can replace the state fixed laws and the constitutional declaration. Only then can the military commander meddle into the civilian life and make decisions that apply to the state civilian institutions.” Al-Guwairi indicated.