Pro-Haftar Al-Kani militias commit more atrocious crimes

Pro-Haftar Al-Kani militias commit more atrocious crimes

April 08, 2020 - 20:49
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Al-Kani (A.K.A. Al-Kanyat) militias, who are supporters of Khalifa Haftar's forces, have committed more atrocities and kidnappings of Tarhouna-based persons, Head of Victims Organization for Human Rights, Nasser Al-Hawari, said Tuesday.

Al-Hawari told reporters that Al-Kani militias killed a man named Abdelali Al-Naaji and three of his children, and another man named Salim Al-Naaji and his son, adding that 75 persons from Al-Naaji family were kidnapped by the militias and some of their houses had been demolished.

"They killed Khalifa Al-Marghani, kidnapped four women from Harouda family, two from Al-Said family. The fathers and brothers as well as uncle of the kidnapped women were killed by Al-Kani militias three years ago." He added, which was verified by local Tarhouna reports of crimes committed by Al-Kani militias over leaking information to Volcano of Rage Operation of the Government of National Accord.

The reports said the militias were furious at the targeting of a military cargo plane by Libyan Air Force of the GNA once in landed in a Tarhouna airstrip, thus attacking houses all those whom they suspected they were not loyal to them or to Haftar, and destroyed houses and kidnapped family members.

The Libyan Justice Ministry issued a statement condemning the intensified violence and violations of human rights of Haftar's forces, referring to Al-Kani crimes in Tarhouna, calling on the joint committee for documenting violations of human rights to bring the perpetrators to justice.

On April 05, Volcano of Rage Operation Facebook page said Al-Kani militias had killed "families" in Tarhouna, which has been verified by the report of the Victims Organization for Human Rights.