PM Al-Gawiel promises to end power outage crisis

PM Al-Gawiel promises to end power outage crisis

August 05, 2015 - 13:03
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

All the necessary measures to solve the problem of power failure have been taken, Prime Minister of the Salvation Government Khalifa Al-Gawiel said Tuesday.

Speaking in a press conference, he said his government is striving hard to resolve all problems experienced by the country, pointing out that a total of 935MW will be added to the power network this week to cover the power shortfall.

"100 MW from the Iron and Steel factory in Misrata will be added to the network tomorrow, in addition to 130 megawatts from Al-Komis power plant and 210 megawatts others from Al-Zawia. El-Sarir power station will also join the network this week." He declared.

 He also confirmed that 120- MW generators have been hired, out of which 70 megawatts will go to ‘Hon’ city while the other 50 megawatts will go to ‘Abu Kammash.

"Tunisia will participate in with 250MW while Egypt will give 75MW for the public network." He said.

The Libyan capital Tripoli currently suffers from a severe power crisis where outage rates reached ten hours a day in a city where temperatures and humidity are very high.

Speaking about the flour crisis, Al-Gawiel confirmed that his government has settled the debts due to the Price Stabilisation Fund and large amounts of baking flour are now provided enough for a year. 

'Bank credits have also been opened for the supply of medicines, vaccines and medical supplies' He said.

Many Libyan cities are now witnessing acute shortage of flour causing long queues and people congestion in front of bakeries. There are also shortages in vaccines which added to the suffering of families.